5 Stages of the Design Process

  • Satisfaction 100%

1. Research, strategy or feasibility
A series of questions and points we gather at the start of each project to determine goals, audience, and style.

  • Research, strategy or feasibility 15%

2. Design Concepts
When the initial proposal has been accepted and everyone agrees on the details, preliminary design ideas are developed. This is where the creative process is given free reign within all the constraints established in Stage One. Considerations may be color combinations, typography, graphic style, keywords, technology.

  • Design Concepts 25%

3. Detailed Design Development
The selected concept is worked up with all details implemented. Variations may be developed as well as further mock-ups. This stage can seem a bit random but it really depends on the item being designed. The important point to bear in mind is that this is an organic process and details can be changed if necessary.

  • Detailed Design Development 30%

4. Implementation
After Stage Three approval, finished artwork is produced as required. For print this usually involves the creation of print-ready pdfs and detailed specifications are also created for outside suppliers. For websites, my designs are converted into html code for example, either by me or a programmer.

  • Implementation 20%

5. Production
The last and final step that should never be overlooked. This is where everything comes together, designs are sent out to the printer or deployed to the web, disc or other media.

  • Production 10%