General Project Specifications

Prices are based on animations created in After Effects using assets created in Photoshop and Illustrator. Light 3D animation or use of stock models may be included depending on the project.

If your project requires heavy 3D modeling and animation, or requires custom compositing, rotoscoping, motion tracking, or color correction, we will create a custom quote specific to your project needs.

Special Order

Many client projects don’t fall neatly into our price sheet. Tell us the specifics of your project and we’ll create you a custom quote today.

Audio Makes the Video

All animations include a stock audio track specifically picked for your production. If you prefer to supply us with a custom audio track we will gladly sync our animation and editing to it. If you need custom audio produced, we will be happy to give you a quote for that as well.

9 Key Stages of Video Production

1. Creative Brief
A series of questions and points we gather at the start of each project to determine goals, audience, and style.

  • Completed 100%

2. Treatment
A short, 1-page overview of the production concept. This ensures we are on the right track.

  • Stamped, Set & Sealed 100%

3. Style Sheet
A review of our proposed graphic ‘look and feel,’ this document includes 6 storyboarded frames of graphics, as well as font treatments and a color palette for the production.

  • Driven Home 100%

4. Script
The backbone of the production. The script is what everything is planned around.

  • Accomplished 100%

5. Column
Once the script is approved we create the 2-column. This incorporates the narrative copy along with the video and graphic scenes in a 2-column audio/video format. This is the first time you will truly ‘see’ your production on paper.

  • Reached the Goal 100%

6. Motion Approval
A first look at your graphics in an animated environment, to ensure you like the style and flow.

  • Fulfilled 100%

7. Rough-Cut
First draft of nearly complete video. Comments.

  • Pulled the Curtain 100%

8. Final-Cut
Second look of nearly complete video, with Rough-Cut changes. Comments.

  • Given the Final Touch 100%

9. Picture-Lock
Final production.

  • Paid the Bill 100%