The Creative Brief the map for finding buried treasure.

Every good idea starts somewhere →

This will allow us to start with an accurate description of the project’s goals, provide focus on a targeted audience and evaluate the current assets and resources available to save us both time and budget.

A Creative Brief also ensures clear and concise communication for the work to be done, delivery dates for specific milestones and what’s expected from both of us along the way.

We have made it easy for you to fill out and submit this form, and you can also print a copy for yourself.  If you really want to help your good idea become a great success, you need a Creative Brief.


Website Requirements Form

This form is basically a Creative Brief focused strictly on Web Development. If you are planning a web project and prefer a downloadable form, this one can often be helpful for determining the goal of your web project.


Creative Work Agreement

This form is our agreement to get started on your next Creative Project. We do ask that it be completed prior to any work being started.

Please read over it as it is designed to protect both of our interests. Keep in mind it is a fluid contract and can be customized for each project.


Copyright Transfer Agreement

This form is completed after our final goal has been reached and the final payments have been made. This agreement will accompany the final delivery of the hard copy or digital files of the finished work