Our Mission

Onésimus Defense was formed when two industry professionals, both of whom held executive leadership positions within a small-company attempting to transition to large-company, realized we needed a “back-to-basics” approach to customer service. This approach focuses on lessons learned, gained by successfully dedicating our efforts to ensure the customeris integrally involved in each and every step of the process, thereby developing the best solution—the first time. This means that the members of Onésimus Defense’s executive leadership team not only recognize, but have internalized this principal commitment that the customer will never wait on us. Unfortunately, all too often, the customer simply does not receive what was promised in the proposal. We at Onésimus Defense find this unacceptable and are committed to providing innovative solutions that focus 100% of our efforts on the customer.

Onésimus Defense set out to constantly serve our customers, clients and defense partners with exceptionally beneficial service – and to always, without exception, be viewed by those partners as necessary, relevant, and “useful”.

Why Onésimus Defense

Onésimus Defense is recognized by our expanding client base for our rapidly-expanding reputation of being a value-added total solution provider.  Our exceptional service, our people, and our proven product/ curriculum/ program development, provides each customer with a uniquely tailored solution at a value that is redefining the industry.

Our Name “Onésimus Defense”

Onésimus Defense draws its name from a reference to a servant, discussed only briefly in one of the shortest books of the New Testament, the Book of Philemon. As documented, Onésimus escaped and ran away, only to voluntarily return to his master to continue a life of faithful service. Translated from its ancient Greek origin, Onésimus literally means “useful.” Onésimus Defense is comprised of a select group of defense industry professionals, all of whom completed distinguished careers of service to their country and their communities, and saw a drastic need within the private sector to return to a foundation based simply on a continuation of faithful service – just like our namesake. We provide clients and partners with low-cost, high-quality solutions to operations support, training and logistics that come from decades of experience providing similar expertise to members of our nation’s most elite military forces and first responder agencies. Onésimus Defense is committed to securing long-term business relationships and partnerships that foster mutual growth and exceptional service.

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Corporate Headquarters:
504 Scotch Range Road - Suite A, Summerville, SC 29483

Email: hr@O-Defense.com
Web: www.onesimusdefense.com