3 months old!

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3 months old!

Here’s a list on what Lincoln has been up to:
– loves his hands. stares at them often in awe.
– starting to grasp toys & stuffed animals
– holding his head way up when on his tummy. often long enough to read a book!
– loves airplane time with daddy and bouncing on his knee
– loves washing machine “spin cycle” twist with mommy
– pulling mom’s hair and tugging at dad’s beard
– tries to fit both fists in his mouth at the same time, sometimes settles on a thumb to suck
– is such a wiggly sleeper. will put him down for the night in one direction in the pack n’ play and will find him often turned 45-90°
– enjoys being swaddled, but his arms will be over his head in a matter of minutes.
– likes “macho man” randy savage
– at least 15 pounds and some change. (it’s tough to weigh him on a little bathroom scale!)
– will calm down from being fussy with the sound of a vacuum cleaner


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