4 months old! (a month and a half ago)

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4 months old! (a month and a half ago)

I guess I fibbed when I said I would get better at updating this blog stuff. So now I have to play catch up! Sorry everyone!


4 month old Lincoln loves(d):

– Christmas lights!!


– putting EVERYTHING in his mouth

– rolling over from tummy to back

– swing/spin/bounce in his doorway bouncer

– his first mobile walker from G&G Gottleib  (even though his feet don’t touch yet!)

– making high pitched squeals

– when Daddy sings Christmas songs- especially White Christmas & Santa Claus is Coming to Town

– swimming! (even though we’ve done this once)

– all the attention he got with his family coming to see him for Christmas

– is Mr. Squirmy (examples in photos below)

– still loves his Donald Duck stuffed animal



Does not love:

– oatmeal cereal with breastmilk

– sitting- the boy loves to stand!!

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